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US Open 9 Ball – A Costly Mistake That Many Make

Max Lechner was looking good but this tricky jacked up shot put Francisco Sanchez Ruiz ahead and he never looked back.

Any shot demands that we take in all information and then decide on execution.

Using the mechanical bridge over a ball is tricky because we are shooting down a bit and any side spin will cause an immediate and unforgiving curve of the cueball. Max tried to use left spin for position and overcut the purple (5 ball). Here’s a correction that can help.

Aim to pocket the 5

Now move the whole stick, including the bridge to the left for english. This is a parallel shift as both the front and back of the stick move.

This causes a slight push (deflection) to the right, neutralizing the curve caused by the sidespin. With just a little practice this may save you on a big shot and help you win a match!

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