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Warranty Policies


Things that are never covered 
-Non-transferrable, original purchaser of the product for as long as he/she may own it
-Defects resulting from: (a) normal wear and tear; (b) modification, misuse, abuse or improper maintenance; and/or (c) damage associated with exposure to extreme temperature or humidity.
-Turning your shaft down below recommendations

Balabushka Limited lifetime
Limited lifetime covers manufacturing defects **Warpage depends on the circumstance we would have to send it in to be looked at

Cuetec Limited lifetime
Including warpage warrantee covers all manufacturer and material defects
The cue must be registered on their website within 60 days of purchase to activate the warrantee

Fury Limited lifetime
Includes warpage for 1 year, lifetime warranty under workmanship defects

Jacoby Limited lifetime
No warpage lifetime warranty under manufacturer defects

Joss Warranty
No warpage limited

Lucasi Lifetime Guarantee
Includes warpage, for the lifetime of the cue. Please note: The Lucasi® Lifetime Guarantee effective date is July 2007. Any Lucasi Hybrid® Cues that were manufactured before that date may incur an additional repair/replacement fee.

McDermott Lifetime Warranty
Includes warpage lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects
McDermott’s warranty against warpage was introduced in 2004. Older cues do not qualify.

OB Lifetime Warranty
Includes warpage on New OB Plus Shafts
Warped Original OB shafts are not is not covered under our warranty
Damage caused by playing with OB Shafts without the carbon fiber pad which is placed between the tip and the ferrule will not be covered

Pechauer Lifetime Warranty
Includes warpage lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects cues purchased after January 2006

Predator/Poison Limited Lifetime Warranty
No warpage lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects
Ferrule Removing or changing the ferrule will void the warranty
Tip silencer – must remain at least .010″ (0.25mm) anything smaller will void the warranty

-Warpage REVO carbon composite shafts feature a limited-lifetime warranty against warpage.
-Shaft diameter the REVO carbon composite shaft’s diameter must never be altered. Any sanding, polishing, or abrasive treatment could compromise the micro-thin layers of carbon fiber and will immediately void the shaft’s warranty. Additionally the use of abrasives on the REVO shaft could release potentially harmful carbon fiber dust.

Mezz Limited Lifetime Warranty
No warpage ***Email them pictures

Meucci’s Limited Warranty
No warpage 1 Year Manufacturer

Schon Warranty
No warpage 1 Year Manufacturer

Tiger Limited Lifetime Warranty
No warpage

Viking Cue Limited Lifetime Warranty
Warrants against warpage and all components of the cue for the life of the product

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